TheChildrensWearOutlet Review

If you’ve started your back to school clothes shopping already, you know how expensive it can be!  With three children to buy clothes for, I’ve stopped being able to shop at the trendy, expensive Mall stores.  Plus, the children all grow so fast, it just doesn’t make sense to spend huge amounts of money on clothes […] Giveaway #BackToSchoolHop

    As many of you know, my older daughter goes to a Charter School where they require uniforms. When I first started shopping for her uniforms, I was overwhelmed by all of the choices. There are a LOT of stores that sell uniforms, from the expensive trendy stores at the mall, to local discount […]

French Toast School Clothing – Review

Those of you with school-age children know how hard it can be to find quality clothes at a great price. There are so many clothing stores that carry cheaply made clothes that fall apart too quickly. When you find a store with high quality clothes, the prices can be shockingly high. When my older daughter […]

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