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After several years of car problems, expensive repair bills and even a car fire, my husband and I finally have a way to deal with our car woes.

We’ve been using Zubie for over a month now and are thrilled with it!

Zubie is an awesome product and service that monitors the performance and health of my husband’s vehicle. It’s a wireless service that runs around the clock, tracking and monitoring the car continuously. It’s a relief knowing that we don’t have to worry about my husband’s car anymore because Zubie will warn us of any potential problems.

Shortly after we started using Zubie, we got this message:

My husband took his car in to be checked right away. We were told that the part didn’t need to be replaced right away, but that it will be eventually so we’ll take it back in soon for work.

Thanks to Zubie, we learned about the problem before it potentially left my husband stranded on a work trip or before it led to more expensive damage to the car. After only a month, Zubie was already saving us money.

Zubie was super easy to install in my husband’s car. We just plugged it into the diagnostic port.under the steering wheel.

In addition to monitoring our car, we’ll also be able to use Zubie’s service when the kids are older and driving too. We’ll be able to monitor their driving behavior in real time, from how fast they’re driving to where they go. We won’t have to bug the kids and send “Where R U?” texts because we’ll know the car is working properly and the kids have reached their desination.

Zubie is a service that uses a cellular connection to keep us always in communication with our vehicle’s on-board systems. We can receive notifications by email and with the free Zubie app for iOS 4+ and Android 2.3+.

Zubie is the ultimate road trip buddy! I’ve been using my Zubie key for the last 5 weeks and I love that it gives us peace of mind! It would make a wonderful gift for parents of new drivers and for people who travel a lot.

Hit the road with Zubie!

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  1. what a fantastic tool!

  2. This is so neat and easy to use! I bet it’s nice to have, especially just to have a piece of mind!

  3. What a handy device to have. I think it wold save you a lot of mone on repairs!

  4. I’ve never heard of it before, but it sounds wonderful. I wonder if it tells you if you are low on oil or anything like that!

  5. This is one of the best products I have ever heard of to let a car owner know if their car has any problems. I would love to have this device on my car to let me know if I have problems with my car before it breaks down!

  6. I really think this is a great idea. I love how easy it is to install and you are good to go on tracking!!!! Might be something for us to try out sometime!

  7. joanna garcia says:

    This is so awesome! esp helps when the darn check engine light comes on and lets you know whats going on.  Love that it can track the kiddos and monitor their driving too! I wonder what will be invented by the time my kids are able to drive!

  8. courtney b says:

    wow i want this for my husband piece of crap car! lol

  9. Wow, it even gives you an estimate for repairs? That’s a fantastic feature!

  10. Teresa Honores says:

    OMG this would be great for the car my husband drives! it has been giving issues on us but we do not want to give up on it! this will be great! and lets you know when someone is trying to pull a leg on you on what your car REALLY needs!

  11. I love my Zubie. It has worked wonders for my car.

  12. We need that for our trips across country.

  13. I would love to give this I try I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

  14. We love our Zubie. I can’t wait to take it with us on our summer trip this year. 

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