Trick or Treat Giveaway

Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year! I love decorating the porch and yard, picking out costumes, helping my kids get ready to trick-or-treat and then seeeing the other kids who come to our house. 

Trick or Treat Giveaway Basket

What about you? Want to do some virtual trick or treating? We are joining with Drugstore Divas and A Bride on a Budget and a few our blogging friends and doing virtual trick or treating, sponsored by

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We are giving away three cookies from Cheryl’s cookies and one candy basket from For Your Flowers.

Head to the Rafflecopter below and leave a comment letting me know what you’re dressed up as. Once I know what you’re dressed up as, you’re considered a trick or treater.

The giveaway starts at 7pm EST on October 25 and runs until October 31 at 11:59pm EST.

The winners will be selected as follows:

On October 26, one random “trick or treater” who has already entered from October 25 to 26 will be selected and will win a $5 cookie from Cheryl’s cookies.
On October 28, one random “trick or treater” who has already entered from October 25 to 27 will be selected and will win a $5 cookie from Cheryl’s cookies.
On October 30, one random “trick or treater” who has already entered from October 25 to 29 will be selected and will win a $5 cookie from Cheryl’s cookies.
On November 1, one random “trick or treater” who has already entered from October 25 to 31 will be selected to win the grand prize.
Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Full disclosure: The winners will be emailed at the email address used for the Rafflecopter. Winners will have 24 hours to respond before another winner may be chosen. is responsible for the prize fulfillment. A Helicopter Mom is not responsible.


  1. Deborah Belk says:

    A vampir witch

  2. I am dressing up as Barbie, Fiance is Ken, Daughter is Skipper!!!

  3. I’m dressed up as a dragonfly flitting around a waterfall looking for dinner! I am purple and green with iridescent wings.

  4. Elvis!

  5. nanci parker says:

    I will be wearing a halloween t-shirt and black makeup

  6. A scarecrow

  7. Smurfette.

  8. Michelle C says:

    I’m dressed up as Taylor Swift. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  9. I am a werewolf

  10. Mia Dentice Carey says:

    A crazy Yankee….oh, wait I’m that every day down here in Southeast Georgia…lol

  11. Dorthy from the wizard of oz

  12. Rebekah Mercier says:

    My sons want me to be a princess.

  13. A mermaid

  14. haha – I’m pregnant and saw someone glued doll arms surrounded by blood coming out of the stomach. Kind of disturbing, but it would be great for adult only party (kiddos would get way too freaked out)

  15. micheal dale grim says:

    for me i would have tosay a wizard ,matches my stlye and my personality

  16. Shannon Baas says:

    going to be a vampiress for work.

  17. I’m dressed up as a princess.

  18. Michelle Maddock says:

    A mother that is so tired in my pjs and curlers!!!

  19. Debbie Welchert says:

    A grandma zombie with my grandchildren zombies.

  20. Fionna from Shrek

  21. will be a devil

  22. jeanne conner says:

    Cheerleader Zombie!!

  23. The Roger says:

    A burned Big Tex (its a Texas State Fair thing)

  24. tamatha hunter says:

    my fav sexy vampire costume

  25. jara Christensen says:
  26. Tiffany Hoyt says:

    A vampire. :)

  27. A swat agent.

  28. sharon powell says:

    A french maid

  29. Heather Lyons says:

    a pirate!

  30. Nancy Blair says:

    Poison Ivy

  31. I am dressing up as the scariest thing I can think of…. MY MOTHER-IN-LAW!

  32. Why, we’re going as a whole family of zombies :)

  33. I’m a funky hurricane sandy witch . Im so not pretty! 

  34. Heather Bruggman says:

    Xena the Warrior Princess!

  35. Dawn Oberholtz says:

    I am dressing up as a witch!

  36. Mary Queen of  Scots my great 5 times removed grandmother.

  37. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I will be dressed up as a mom! LOL

  38. A mommy helicopter =p

  39. Heather Garland says:

    A police woman!

  40. Karen Beck says:

    I will be dressed as a mom going out with Trick or treating with an Army man and a Stormtrooper!

  41. Sailor Moon

  42. Kristel VanBuskirk says:

    Dressed up as 1980s gal with big hair. Never wore it then, think I need to reclaim that youthful spirit. 

  43. i’m dressed as an insanely awesome but extremely lazy homosapien 😀

  44. jon caudle says:

    grouchy farmer

  45. A poor mom

  46. Lyssa Scheunemann says:

    I was a vampire :)

  47. a peacock!!

  48. kelly bernstein says:

    snow white

  49. jennifer rivera says:

    Hubby and i.sailors, daughter a witch  and son the iincredible hulk

  50. Chrystal armbruster says:

    A mummy of course 😉

  51. Kim Kostiew says:


  52. megan mills says:

    A mommy, wearing black lol

  53. I lovw hallween..while going out with the kiddo Im gonna be a cat….then a sexy police officer after the little one is in bed 😉

  54. I always dress up as a nurse – but the last few years people ask if I am a doctor (i am in scrubs)

  55. Meredith Jones says:

    A pajama princess

  56. Crystal F says:

    A glamorous princess!! Thank y ou!

  57. Susan Smith says:

    I’m dressed up as Cinderella

  58. Nevaeh Cullen says:

    My daughters dressed up as princess 

  59. A Taco

  60. mike fields says:

    im dressed as the clown from stephen kings IT

    • That is the scariest clown ever! I’m not afraid of clowns at all and your costume would scare me to death, lol.

      Great idea! :)

  61. Anne Schock says:


  62. I’m Fiona!

  63. The house from the movie Up.

  64. Nothing, unfortunately :( I have 2 exams to study for :(

  65. nothing im 37 wks pregnant

    • I hear you! I’m not pregnant and didn’t have the energy or inclination to dress up, lol.

      Congratulations on your baby soon! :)

  66. Beverly Metcalf says:

    Jeans and a orange shirt. I’m just giving out candy tonight.

  67. I’m dressed up as a leopard.

  68. Tanya White says:

    A Nun

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