Wicked Wednesday – For Those With A Wicked Sense of Humor

If It Makes Any Difference



Pretty Orange Furs



Jus Makin Shur



Thank God



Pyow! Pyow!



I Have the Dumb.



Long Story Short



Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!



Walk Away.






I Haz A Cloud






  1. LOVE Cats :) Thanks for the smile!!!

  2. Love the cats!


  3. LOVE!!!

  4. Great post! Cats are the best! I have enjoyed reading and checking in:) Finally Friday Hop is open! Hope you will stop by!

  5. I have 2 cats. They’re not so mischievous now that they’re older but they have their moments. I love to see more cat pics. Thanks!

  6. I laughed, and then I laughed some more! Needed that – thanks so much!

  7. I love, Love, LOVE the dog in the pillow!!! It reminds me of my sister’s chihuahua who has a blanket fort with a heating pad under it that she sleeps in all day!! Yeah, she’s spoiled and has her own closet too…

  8. Love the I Can haz Cheezeburger pics! So funny!

  9. OMGosh this was great….it’s funny how some of those pictures could have been taken at my house LOL!!!

  10. L0L, I live the “This doesn’t concern you” one 😀

  11. thanks for the laugh!

  12. HA! These are so cute! Thanks for the smiles.

  13. I am allergic to cats, but I love their antics. Thanks for the smiles.

  14. Cute pictures, sure put a smile on my face! :-)

  15. Alexandra Pitcher says:

    My husband always sends me these; they never get old! So cute!

  16. Tamika Williams says:

    love the cats, they always get me laughing.

  17. sopha jones says:

    so funny!

  18. Mary Dailey says:

    LOL, these are so funny! Believe me, it’s hard to capture these photos because cats are so fast. Thanks for the laughs!

  19. hahahhahahha!  My kitty and I loved these :)

  20. Danielle says:

    So funny! I love cat humor! But I do really like the doggy in the “cloud”

  21. These are sooooooooo funny!

  22. Carmen Guthrie says:

    These are hilarious!!

  23. Jennifer McLean says:

    I love these! OMG, I laughed so hard, it’s amazing some of the photos that people catch with pets. hehehe. thanks for the laugh.

  24. Those are funny. Cats are quite the characters! Thanks for the laugh. Have a great weekend.

  25. Dorothy Teel says:

    These are so cool, I wondered what is happening to our toilet paper..lol

  26. md kennedy says:

    LOL CATZ! I’ve emailed each of these to at least one person!

  27. md kennedy says:

    LOL CATZ! I’ve emailed each of these to at least one person!

  28. Debby Chandler says:

    I love funny animal pictures and videos especially cats!

  29. Deanna Tate says:

    HAHAHA…..the one of the cat chasing the laser…..my cat does that!!! And she will go up the wall and on to the floor, in a circle, chasing the thing! It’s hilarious!!!

  30. Sherri Holley says:

    Thanks, these are hilarious!

  31. HAHAHAHA! I needed this laugh 

  32. md kennedy says:

    I had ot come back to this this morning for a good laugh…particularly the laser beam kitty! Wish I could figure out how to share it (email) with my Mom..

  33. Catherine S says:

    I know what it’s like to be owned by a mischievous cat! I just love these; they made me giggle.

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