Wicked Wednesday – Sad Children

This week’s Wicked Wednesday is brought to you courtesy of sad children:






Sick and Tired 




No Love




 Two Paragraphs




My Sister




See You Never




Not True At All




Say Goodbye




Deep Thoughts







  1. Those are hilarious!

  2. LOL!!

  3. Codes for Plndr says:

    These are so cuteeee!!

  4. I read these with my kids and we laughed and laughed!

  5. Too cute!

  6. lololololol but the running away is kinda meh ish cuz of the runni ng away part

  7. Mary Dailey says:

    This is the funniest ting I have read in a long time! Thank you!

  8. Love these so funny!

  9. Thank you for this, it made me day! So hilarious and cute!! I love kids!

  10. Patricia Williams says:

    So cute. I saved my daughter and sons letters from when they wwere angry wwith me.

  11. This really made my day! Hahaha

  12. so funny

  13. Cute as well as funny. :)

  14. The next page says i hate daddy…so not true.LOL i love kids

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