Zombie Recipe Ideas – Apocalypse Party

Zombie Recipe Ideas


Planning a Zombie Apocalypse Party for Halloween?

Here are 40 awesome Zombie Recipe and Food Ideas for you. Be sure to scroll down to see the second set of photos for the entire list of 40!


Zombie Recipe Halloween Party


1. Brain Cake

2. Brains in a Jar Cupcakes

3. Undead Cupcakes  

4. Zombies and Body Parts

5. Rising Zombies Cupcakes

6. Zombie Treats

7. Zombie Torso

8. Braaiinnns!

9. Brainy Popcorn Balls

10. Meatheads

11. Zombie Barbie Cake

12. A Zombie Toast

13. Puff Pastry Intestines

14. Empty Grave Cake

15. Can of Brains

16. Zombie Grave Hand

17. Zombie Head Cheese

18. Zombie Cake

19. Severed Fingers

20. Healthy Zombie Snacks


Zombie Recipe Zombie Apocalypse Party


21. Slime-tini

22. Brain Dip and Crackers

23. Underground Zombie Cupcakes

24. Zombie Headless Barbie

25. Bloody Brain Shooter

26. Meat Hand

27. Zombie Eyeballs

28. Zombie Punch

29. Zombie Chicken Fingers

30. Severed Arm

31. Acid Bath Skull

32. Easy Zombie Head Cake

33. Zombie Cheese Face

34. Apple Zombie Mouths

35. Candy Zombie Fingers

36. Zombie Brain Cereal Treat

37. Attack of the Zombie Cake Pops

38. Freshly Severed and Zombie Finger Foods

39. The Zombie Cocktail

40. Zombie Fingers

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Zombie Recipe Ideas Zombie Apocalypse



  1. melisssa oliver says:

    omg … i love it,,, so going to do this

  2. Kimberly Schotz says:

    What fun ideas.  My granddaughter is obsessed with Zombies.  I think I will give the Brain Cake a try.

  3. gigi borden says:

    these are so cool, makes me giggle kind of too because they are funny and cute!! thanks for sharing! want to give them a try!

  4. Sherri Lewis says:

    I love these!  Very disgusting and real-looking… but totally awesome :)

  5. Robin Wilson says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw some of these. But my son and his friends would most definitely get a kick out of them!

  6. Oh my there are so many of them – I would use them at Halloween time. A lot of them are so creepy looking . Cant wait to make some of them – fun time – thanks much for them

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