A Thin Mentality? #NSNation

.  I was talking with some friends recently about being overweight.  Several of us had gained a lot of weight while pregnant with one or more children and were talking about how difficult it can be to get it off.  None of the three of us had been overweight growing up and it was interesting […]

Nutrisystem Nation – Role Models #NSNation

.   As you’ve probably seen from my posts, facebook and twitter, I was lucky enough to be able to travel to the Nike Young Athlete Innovation Summit last week. Besides the amazing opportunity to go the the Nike campus, I was excited about meeting some other bloggers I’ve “known” online for a long time. […]

Nutrisystem Success #NSNation

.   If you’ve been following my Nutrisystem weight loss journey, you may have noticed a difference in my posts the last few weeks. Like there weren’t any.   Things have been hectic and I’m sorry to say that I just stopped working on myself for a while. One of my daughters got a concussion […]

Nutrisystem Weigh-In – Exciting News About SUCCESS

.   I’ve been on Nutrisystem for 20 weeks now. I’ll admit that I still eat things that I shouldn’t, but those foods are treats every once in a while instead of my daily meals.  I’m eating smaller portions and eating healthier.  I’m so thankful to be able to participate in the Nutrisystem program and […]

Nutrisystem Weigh In #NSNation Week 18

.   I’m getting back on track with Nutrisystem after Thanksgiving week last week.  I’d planned ahead to eat what I wanted over Thanksgiving, but would try to be sensible.  The main meal and leftovers weren’t too bad, but there were several different kinds of pies and cookies.  I didn’t go nuts with my meals, but still ate more […]

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